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HomeCloud is a technology company that does two complementary things: 1.) Gathers comprehensive home data and insights using proprietary technology, and 2.) Provides that digitized data to homeowners via our app to simplify homeownership.

We gather the data through our Home Certification Service. We send a team member to collect pictures and videos of your home, and then we use AI and trained professionals to extract data and insights. We make this available via our app designed to simplify homeownership. The only way to gain access to our home management app is by starting with a Home Certification.  We believe that a home management app is only as helpful as the home data it has access to.

You may want to use our Certification Service if you're about to sell your home, buy a new home, or if you're having a hard time keeping up with your home’s maintenance and repairs.

  • We provide a copy of any of the pictures or videos collected during our visit. Our process is designed to capture information on all of your major home systems, plus energy efficiency and smart home capabilities.
  • Using these pictures and videos, we extract home data and insights. Home data points include things like measurements, materials, configurations, brands, model numbers, valve locations, filter sizes, electrical system specifications, and efficiency ratings. Insights mainly include problems that we're identified with the home that may need attention. We look for over 500 potential issues.
  • Then we go an extra step by layering in 3rd party data and insights. This may include documents provided by the previous homeowner or aggregated from 3rd party platforms. Using the serial numbers of your home systems we check for recalls, gather energy efficiency data, and project remaining useful life. We also provide a recommended repair list and costs associated with any problems we've identified with the home.

You can see a full list of the information we collect by viewing our Home Certification Standards.

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No, there is no ongoing subscription fee for access to the HomeCloud App.

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You can find details on the pricing here.

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